Four Reasons Why Every Company Needs to Organize a Karaoke Party

Four Reasons Why Every Company Needs to Organize a Karaoke Party Karaoke is an age-old form of entertainment that allows even the worse singers to croon their hearts out.  Most of us have been to a karaoke bar with friends and family, making noise and just being crazy. But it’s a rare thing to enjoy […]

How a DJ Can Set the Tone for a Retirement Party

How a DJ Can Set the Tone for a Retirement Party Every milestone in our life deserves a celebration, and retirement is perhaps one of such biggest ones. It is a big deal to have no more work, no more running after money, and finally reaching that stage of our lives where the time finally […]

Let the DJ Help You Throw a Themed Party

Let the DJ Help You Throw a Themed Party We all have obsessions, something or someone we are completely enamored with. And some of us like to talk about it 24/7. Sadly, our friends and family show absolutely no interest in it. In fact, they sort of get sick of us when we are trying […]

Top 5 Reasons Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Special Event Photo booths are all the rage these days – from a birthday party to a wedding reception, you ought to find a photo booth. You might wonder its significance considering that you can take pretty decent photos from your own camera. Well, there […]

Karaoke Party Game Ideas

Fun Ideas: 5 Interesting Games to Play at a Karaoke Party Don’t we all love attending karaoke parties? Yes, we surely do! It’s the kind of party that is most likely a synonym for endless fun. You get to sing, dance, and play lots of fun games. But wait…did the last part baffle you? Don’t […]

How to Make Your Event Memorable

3 Amazing Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out When it comes to planning a special event, our major aim is to make it a successful one. We don’t want our hard work or our money to go down the drain. We want our event to be an absolute hit amongst all the guests.  As […]

How to Host a Successful Karaoke Party

4 Tips To Host an Amazing Karaoke Party Everybody loves a good party, right? But a party is better when it’s full of fun and entertainment. If you want your next party to be engaging and delightful (as you would obviously want!) then hosting a karaoke party will be a promising option. Planning a successful […]

Why You Should Consider Hiring Incredevents

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Incredevents When it comes to hosting an event, we all want it to turn out to be a huge success. We make sure that we plan it perfectly so that all the guests enjoy to the core. If it’s your first time organizing an event, it can be risky to […]

Types of DJs around the World

5 Major Types of DJs: What Kind Are You? We assume all DJs to be the same – playing recorded music at a club or a party. You couldn’t be more wrong! No, not all DJs are the same. In fact, there are 5 main types of DJs in the world who are totally different […]

How to Make a Wedding Playlist

4 Correct Ways to Create a Wedding Playlist Making wedding playlists is not as easy as it may seem. Every wedding ceremony has a different theme.  The playlists can vary according to the theme. Your wedding could be a destination wedding, winery wedding, barn wedding or even a ski-lodge wedding. Some weddings are on a […]