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Incredevents wants you to have the best event possible.  In our blog you will find Fun Wedding and Events Ideas and Tips, to make your next event a big hit! If your looking for a Professional DJ for your next event consider hiring Incredevents your Houston Texas Event DJ

Top 5 Reasons Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Special Event Photo booths are all the rage these days – from a birthday party to a wedding reception, you ought to find a photo booth. You might wonder its significance considering that you can take pretty decent photos from your own camera. Well, there

Karaoke Party Game Ideas

Fun Ideas: 5 Interesting Games to Play at a Karaoke Party Don’t we all love attending karaoke parties? Yes, we surely do! It’s the kind of party that is most likely a synonym for endless fun. You get to sing, dance, and play lots of fun games. But wait…did the last part baffle you? Don’t

How to Make Your Event Memorable

3 Amazing Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out When it comes to planning a special event, our major aim is to make it a successful one. We don’t want our hard work or our money to go down the drain. We want our event to be an absolute hit amongst all the guests.  As

Brilliant Kinds of Lights for Your Special Occasions

Fabulous Ways to Use Lighting in Your Event Event lighting is such an important aspect when it comes to decorating a party. Sadly, it is also the most commonly overlooked part.! It’s all in the details. You need to pay attention to the details if you want to make your party an extraordinary one. One

How does a Professional DJ/MC Improve Your Events

4 Reasons a Professional DJ/MC Make Your Wedding Extraordinary Do have a wedding coming up? Imagine your best friend introducing you into the hall on your wedding day and letting slip something stupid, embarrassing you beyond anything. You would certainly not like that. You friends and family won’t turn you down when you ask them

How to Host a Successful Karaoke Party

4 Tips To Host an Amazing Karaoke Party Everybody loves a good party, right? But a party is better when it’s full of fun and entertainment. If you want your next party to be engaging and delightful (as you would obviously want!) then hosting a karaoke party will be a promising option. Planning a successful

Why You Should Consider Hiring Incredevents

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Incredevents When it comes to hosting an event, we all want it to turn out to be a huge success. We make sure that we plan it perfectly so that all the guests enjoy to the core. If it’s your first time organizing an event, it can be risky to

How to Select Playlists for Your Birthday Party or Anniversary

4 Things to Consider While Making Your Birthday Party or Anniversary Playlist Birthday parties and anniversaries are quite common events in our homes. You do everything for your loved ones to make them feel special on their big day. When you organize a party for your friends and family, your maximum effort is involved on

Types of DJs around the World

5 Major Types of DJs: What Kind Are You? We assume all DJs to be the same – playing recorded music at a club or a party. You couldn’t be more wrong! No, not all DJs are the same. In fact, there are 5 main types of DJs in the world who are totally different

Photo Booth Ideas for Your Party

Incredible Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Party If there is anything that makes parties complete, it is a wonderful photo booth. Without it, the party seems so dull! Taking cute and funny photos is all the rage these days which is why people look forward to having a photo booth at every party they