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Four Reasons Why Every Company Needs to Organize a Karaoke Party

Four Reasons Why Every Company Needs to Organize a Karaoke Party

Karaoke is an age-old form of entertainment that allows even the worse singers to croon their hearts out.  Most of us have been to a karaoke bar with friends and family, making noise and just being crazy.

But it’s a rare thing to enjoy a karaoke party with your colleagues, and even rarer to go to one with your boss.  It’s an odd thing for sure, but not necessarily a bad one.

If anything, a company can benefit from a karaoke party in many ways.

Allow us to give you five reasons why every company needs to organize a karaoke party:


  • It Encourages Team Work


Working in a company you often need to come together as a team and solve the problem at hand, but sadly most of the times the colleagues fail to work as a team.

One of the main reasons behind is lack of interactions. When you don’t talk to people, you don’t get to know them, and when you don’t know them, you cannot work with them.

A karaoke party is a great chance to team up and have a little competition. It’s is one of the best bonding experiences and you just end up helping out your karaoke partner at work as well.


  • You See the Boss as a Human


Bosses are not necessarily bad people, they just need to make some tough decisions and they simply don’t know how to make it politely.  Most of the times, we form an impression without even meeting them.

However, when you see people outside of the workspace and see them doing something as mundane and singing a song, you see them as human. When bosses and subordinates lose that reservation and prejudice, they work better together.


  • Better Communication


We have already established that a night of karaoke together, helps you to interact and see others in a different way. People shed their work-face and put on their more fun-loving face. This allows us to see their other side and make them appear more approachable. So when you see these people at work the next time, you no longer hesitate to talk to them. This makes communication easier and communication makes working together easier.


  • Productivity


You cannot be productive when you are miserable at work, have no real friends and everyone looks just like a robot minding their own business and talking only when it’s work related. To be productive, you need to be happy, and to be happy you need to be surrounded by people you like. Depending on the nature of the work, it does not often give you a chance to talk to them or befriend them.  A karaoke party can change that and increase your productivity at work.

Seeing as how everyone is busy at work, with the right DJ service, it won’t even require much work. Just chose a venue, call Incredevents Music & Memories and you are good to go. The DJ will bring the karaoke setup; all you need is the courage to sing with your colleagues and bond over bad singing.

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