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Karaoke Party Game Ideas

Fun Ideas: 5 Interesting Games to Play at a Karaoke Party

Don’t we all love attending karaoke parties? Yes, we surely do! It’s the kind of party that is most likely a synonym for endless fun.

You get to sing, dance, and play lots of fun games. But wait…did the last part baffle you? Don’t you know what interesting games you can play at a karaoke party?

Well, fret not because here you will know all about those fabulous games that will make your karaoke party more fun. So, read on.


  • Name the Tune


The game is simple. You will have to divide the players into teams. Once you have done that, each member of the team will sing a tune and the opposing team(s) will try to guess the song. Whichever team is able to get the song title and artist right will get a point.


  • Rewrite a Song


This is the kind of game where your creativity is put to the test. For this game as well, the players will be divided into teams. Chits with popular songs go in a hat. A member from each team has to pick a chit. Once all the teams have selected a song, they will be given 15 to 20 minutes to rewrite the song lyrics. Then they will have to perform it as a group!


  • I’m a Rock Star!


This is a popular karaoke game where you write names of famous rock stars on post-it notes and stick them on the back of each guest as they arrive. This way, no one gets to know which rock star they got.

Every member will get a partner. He must talk to him/her and ask yes or no questions in order to figure out which rock star he is. The members who guessed the rock star correctly would have to sing a song of that singer.


  • Boa Limbo


A karaoke party is totally incomplete with a fun boa limbo. If you really want your guests to charge up, play boa limbo!

All you need for this fun game is some funky feathery boa. Play some popular songs and see how low your guests can go to go from beneath the stick without touching it! With every round, lower the stick a little further towards the ground to make the game even more challenging.

Make sure that you have already prepared a list of songs so that the game stays spontaneous.


  • Look-A-Like Contest


Ask your guests to come to the party dressed up like their favorite star. If your karaoke party is following some theme, make sure that it is based on a popular show or a movie.

Your guests can dress up like their favorite characters from that particular show/movie. For instance, your theme can be “American Idol” and the guests can dress up like the judges or the contestants of the show. Give out prizes for “best dressed”, “worst dressed”, “best look-a-like” etc.

Most of these games would definitely need a good quality karaoke machine and microphones. If you are wondering where you can get them, click here.

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