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Let the DJ Help You Throw a Themed Party

Let the DJ Help You Throw a Themed Party

We all have obsessions, something or someone we are completely enamored with. And some of us like to talk about it 24/7. Sadly, our friends and family show absolutely no interest in it. In fact, they sort of get sick of us when we are trying to get them equally obsessed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have just one day dedicated to the things you love?

Even greater would be that slightly devilish satisfaction when you see your best friend dressed up as someone they hate, because of you.

Guess what, you can actually have that in the form of a themed party!

Get that sweet revenge and throw a birthday party, a graduation party, or even a wedding party with a theme of your choice. And don’t fret; call the right DJ service who’ll make the whole thing a breeze.

Here’s how:

•    Play Your Favorite Songs

Ah, the pleasure of listening to your favorite song, especially the unconventional kind that is nowhere on the top charts but still makes your heart beat and fills you with excitement. Choose a DJ who won’t judge you for your choice of music, or fight you on it, but rather supports your personal preference. So if you want Game of Thrones’ theme song to play at your wedding, or the Star Wars theme on your graduation party, go for it!

•    Photo Booth

It’s impossible to throw a themed party, without a photo booth that goes with the premises. If your DJ service is the go-getter kind, then they’ll bring the photo booth along.

It will allow you to take some memorable pictures of the events. It will be absolute fun to watch and see everyone you love holding props that represent the things you love. Wouldn’t that be a treat!

•    Dance Lightings

How can you throw a party without a dance floor? And how can you lure people to dance without illuminating it with dancing lights to set the mood?

Again, you won’t need to worry when you were smart in your choice of the DJ.  The right one would bring dance lighting along and set your stage on fire. Of course, these lights will also help with the theme as they allow you to choose the color of your choice.

•    Monogram lighting

For those of you who don’t know, monogram lightings help you write whatever you want on the wall, with the lights.

Imagine your name written in big bold letters, alighted with your favorite color. That would be the first thing your guests would notice.

For a theme party, you can play with the writing on the wall and could add a reference or two that only fellow fans like you would understand.

•    Karaoke

How will your guests have a good ol’ time at your party without a Karaoke set?  They won’t.

Again, there’s no need to worry, the DJ will have you covered. You can tamper with the karaoke as well to make sure that your guests only try to sing with your choice of songs.

If you are planning to throw a themed party anytime soon, you can rely on Incredevents Music & Memories to provide you with the bests DJ along with all the goodies.

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